****Currently only zoom workshops are being conducted****

Matt teaches regular oil painting workshops both inside and outside of his studio. 


During the winter months he takes groups of artists into the mountains of the the UAE to learn the skills needed and teach the importance of Plein air painting.


 If you would like more information or to be informed of upcoming workshops please get in touch with the studio - Ryderscanvas@gmail.c0m

Heres some feedback from previous attendees

"Thank you for absolutely unbelievable demo last night! I truly still am in awe! Honestly, this was the best workshop I’ve ever attended, your skill is just stunning. I dont know how you did it in only 2 hours?! The light you transferred to the canvas is just unreal, it is way better than photo itself! Magical! I am running out of english words to express how amazing this workshop was! Awesome job!"

"I really enjoyed the workshop today. I have been struggling recently with painting loosely, and today’s session is just what I needed." 

"Great experience painting outdoors, well organised and stimulating"

"I really enjoyed your workshop, it was the best painting demo I've seen and I learned so much. 

And most importantly, you showed me how to let loose and have fun, you changed the way I approach painting. 

I wanted to thank you again for your time and effort"

"A BIG thank you to you from myself and Ingrid for organizing such a wonderful workshop!  It has also inspired Ingrid to paint more out doors, this having been her first plein air workshop.

I learnt a lot from you, in particular the challenges of painting mountains in correct colours and values.  Mountains are a difficult composition for the amateur artist, what with their complex and varied angles , perspectives and shadows etc..  

We went around all participants work during the workshop days. It is impressive how many of them made real progress in their art - sign of a successful workshop !

You were always generous with your advice and time to all of us during the course"

“I absolutely loved learning from and painting alongside such a passionate plein air painter, it was an intense and highly educational workshop that threw me into the deep end, working in a medium I have never used before. From zero experience in oil painting, to feeling confident enough to say “Hey, I can do this and get better!” within two days.  Thanks so much to Matt and the rest of the workshop attendees.”

“Amazing workshop with a very intense program. Seeing how group has improved from the first painting to the forth was very impressive! Matt`s leading was just perfect. From explaining every step of the painting to taking care of all organizational details! Bravo”

“Matt you took such a great care of everything. Your attention to details, organization and little touches at every step were very impressive. Starting from the breakfast and refreshments to being a guide for all group in every unclear situation. Thank you!”

Materials list 

Easel - You will need a pochade box or French Easel for the outdoor workshops. Matt uses and EDGEPRO Paintbook mounted onto a Monfrotto tripod.

Available Here -

Brushes - Matt uses Rosemary and Co brushes exclusively, they ship quickly to your door in the. UAE.

You can order my very own set of Rosemary brushes here;


Minimum size 6 inches x 8 inches, maximum size 18 inches x 24 inches. Preference is to linen surface. I strongly recommend against value range canvas.

Matt Uses Raymar panels, available here -

Paint List - Matt Uses a mixture of Rembrandt, Michael Harding, Gamblin and Old Holland tubes. Any brand of oil paint (I advise against student grade) is fine. The best place I have found in Dubai to purchase the paints at a reasonable cost is MESCO in Deira, they stock both Rembrant and Old Holland 


 I request you have the following colours –


Titanium white

Lemon yellow

Cadmium yellow medium

Yellow ocre

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium red/Vermillion

Alizarine Crimzon

Transparent red oxide(Very important, recommend Rembrant paint specifically for this pigment)


Kings blue 

Cobalt blue (optional but recommended)

Ultramarine blue

Ivory black

Radiant Violet

Additional - 

Wet panel carrier – lots of solutions for transporting wet paintings can be found online. Some popular ones are Rubber bands, Tupperware and homemade boxes

Brush Washer

Mineral Spirit/turpentine (no additional mediums required) - I recommend Gamsol. Strong odour Turps will not be accepted on the indoor workshops

Kitchen Roll