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I'm very happy to be able to offer my very own carefully curated brush set through Rosemary & Co brushes, the finest brush makers in all the lands. It's a hand picked selection of my ten favourite brushes, that I use for just about everything that I paint.

I've used so many different brands over the years but always felt something was missing when it came to translating my ideas onto the canvas. The brush is a direct extension of the artist's hand and it was only when I discovered Rosemary and co that I realised it could be seamless. What makes it even better is the personal aspect of the company, Rosemary and Symi make every artist feel that they are a part of the business, all growing together, sharing ideas to make both the brushes and the artist the best they can be. It's a seamless union and I really don't think I've ever seen that in a company before. Backed up by the outstanding quality of their brushes and amazing customer service, it's an honour that I now have a set with both my name and Rosemarys on it

You can view and buy the set by clicking the Rosemary & Co logo below. 

Be sure to mention MATTRYDER in the coupon box at checkout.

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